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San starlight contest san hotel series


San starlight contest - San hotel series
“San Starlight Contest” – 1 week receiving 5 stars ratings on TripAdvisor

Thai San Service CO., LTD respectfully inform about the contest:

“San Starlight Contest” – 1 week receiving 5 stars ratings on TripAdvisor 

San Starlight Contest participants:

All the hotels in the San Hotel Series will concentrate on  providing special experiences for guests and promoting them to leave a 5-stars rate on TripAdvisor.


Improving Hotel services quality and developing the San Hotel Series brand in the eyes of visitors as a friendly-staff and high-quality-service brand. 


Contest deadline:

From 17/4/2023 to 23/4/2023

Summarizing & rewarding:

– Daily summaries will be sent to: and then GM representatives attach the information to the organizer. 

– From 24/4/2023 to 25/4/2023 : Organizer summary the final result, reward, take commemorative photograph and award with certificate. 


THE STAR (First Prize)THE SATELLITE (Second prize)
2.000.000 VNĐ + Certification1.000.000 VNĐ + Certification

Contest rules:

The hotels in our series highly encourage our guests to leave a 5-star review and have implemented various programs to incentivize feedback. These programs include discounts for future stays, vouchers, or complimentary gifts as tokens of our appreciation.

Marking standards:

– To calculate the review score, we divide the total number of 5-star reviews on TripAvisor by the total number of rooms in each hotel.

– Only the 5-star reviews are taken into consideration. 

– For reviews rated 4 stars or below, we subtract 2 of the 5-star reviews from the total count.

The overall competition rankings will be updated daily within the dedicated internal group (Zalo group for the Contest). At the end of the competition period, the winning hotels will receive their rewards and be announced on the internal channels as well as other media channels of the San Hotel Series.


– Strict adherence to TripAdvisor’s review guidelines is required.

– No fake or self-created reviews will be accepted.

– Any detected fake reviews or negative consequences resulting from OTA platforms’ evaluation will be the sole responsibility of the hotel.



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